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Do you have questions about autism that you can’t find the answer to? We may be able to help you find one!

We have considerable knowledge of—and obviously experience with—autism, as well as access to the relevant research literature on topics we may not know about yet.

We are also able to translate complex information into language that is easy to understand. Or as simple as the subject matter allows.

Simple Q&A

For most questions, you can leave a comment on one of our articles on the website, or send us a message through the Contact page, and we will try to answer your question when time permits us to.

You can also join our Embrace ASD Community on Facebook, and our members will happily answer your questions; they are friendly, often knowledgeable, and autistic.

Assessment questions

For any questions on the assessment process, contact us through the Assessments page, and Dr. Natalie Engelbrecht will answer them, and guide you through the process (should you choose to pursue a diagnosis).

Request article

If you have a broader question that can’t be answered within a few sentences, you can also request an article from us!

We will dive deep into the research literature to get you the answer you’re looking for, and write an article that makes the information as accessible as the concept allows.

And of course, the article will come with all the diagrams and references (and artworks) you have likely come to expect of us!

Community contribution

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of work to browse various research papers, synthesize the information, and write a coherent and comprehensive article. It can take days or even weeks, and involve different people, each with their own skills and expertise. It’s hard to put a price on that.

But we also think it’s important to help as many people as possible. As such, if you request an article from us, you pay a relatively small amount ($200) for valuable information that can benefit many people. So thank you for making that possible!

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