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Did you know that today, April 9, is National Portfolio Day? It just happens to coincide with Natalie suggesting to me to create a new group to showcase our creativity!

Creative group

It’s a pleasure to introduce to you a new Facebook group by Embrace ASD, called (the) Embrace ASD Studio.

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The Studio is a group in celebration of the creativity of autistic people. We welcome:

Art, technical illustrations, design, typography, calligraphy, writing, printing, origami, poetry, photography, animation, video, music, plays, pottery, etc. Anything that could be regarded as creative!

Share your own work, or discuss/present other people’s work (not necessarily by autistic people). In time, we may even use the group as a platform to launch a curated gallery of autistic art, or become an art/media collective, or start some other creative enterprise. Let’s see where it goes!


So come have a look in our group. If you don’t have Facebook, consider creating an account! Several of our members of the main Embrace ASD Community have indicated that they use Facebook just to interact in the group (as do I!), so it may be worth it to create an account.

Embrace ASD | Embrace ASD Studio | illustration Artist

And considering it’s National Portfolio Day (albeit at the end of the day now), this is an excellent time to show your creative work in our group!

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