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Autistic animator wanted!

Hello people! We are setting up a podcast, as well as informative videos which we will be publishing on YouTube. We are striving for quality in everything we do, and so now we are looking for an animator to help us bring our videos alive!

Autistic animator

We are excited to be working with a Gemini award-winning composer to create a jingle for our video content, but we lack the skills and vision to make an intro that will match the audio in quality. So we are looking to work with someone who can animate a video intro which we will use for all our video content. The intro has to fit the brand I established, although if you can somehow elevate it, that would be awesome!

As we want to support other autistic people, we are looking to hire talent from the autistic community. So are you autistic and do you do animation? Please contact us and show us your portfolio!

We need to start working on this as soon as possible, as we would like to launch our podcast at the end of the month.

Team member

We feel we offer information of high quality, but we do need to expand to other mediums. The next step is to create more supporting visuals to our audio, but ultimately we want to make extensive use of animation in at least some of our videos. We think this will help make our content more accessible and enjoyable, making it more appealing to a wider audience.

Are you an animator who is passionate about autism advocacy, and believe in our approach and vision? We would love to have an animator/illustrator on our team who can work with us to propel Embrace ASD forward! Contact us if you feel this is you. We have a lot of exciting things planned, many of which we will realize with or without you. But with an animator/illustrator on our team, we can do a lot more, we can get there faster, and we can reach and help more people.

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