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An illustration of Martin pointing at the Embrace ASD symbol.

Autism logos: research & design

Before we launched our new website on August 8, 2018,[1]The new website is live! | Embrace ASD we did market research in autism organizations and their logos.

Research document

With that research, we informed ourselves about the use of colors and symbols, and made ourselves more conscious about which elements to avoid, and which elements to incorporate into our logo and brand.

In the PDF below, you can see some of our research, how it informed our design decisions, and part of the logo design process.

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Autism logos: research & design

Embrace ASD symbols

In the image below you can see the many symbols I designed in search of what would eventually become our Embrace ASD logo.

Embrace ASD | Autism logos: research & design | EmbraceASDLogos
Symbols: copyright © 2018 Martin Silvertant (EmbraceASD.com)

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Martin Silvertant

Martin Silvertant

Co-founder of Embrace ASD, autism researcher, writer, ironically silver award-winning graphic designer, and type designer. I am also autistic, and I fight dodecahedragons during sleep onset.

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